Festivals and contests


Spring Salon Exhibition:

Spring season is what makes us tolerate the cold leafless wintery days, because thankfully ‘No winter lasts forever, no spring skips its turn’ according to Hal Borland. Spring season reminds humans again how nature can be mesmerizing and this makes the artists amongst us want to embrace this moment forever, so to our benefit they start painting their perception of spring and it is wonderful to see how all those artists paint the effect of spring season on nature but how each of their views can be totally different you can see how they feel through their divine paintings of nature.  

The Spring Salon is an annual exhibition since 2005.

This year (2017) is special, as it will witness the participation of the great artist Hassan Al-Sharq. 



The Monodrama Contest:

The monodrama is defined as a dramatic piece for one performer or the ‘One Man Show’, many people are still unfamiliar with this remarkable art.  El-Sawy culturewheel is thrilled to be a big part of the escalating of this underestimated art, so we host an annual contest to spread awareness of the monodrama. 


El-Sakia Short-Feature Films contest:

You will be amazed by the talents of young Egyptians who just need a small support to push them to turning their dreams into reality. El Sakia Short- Feature Films contest accepts all kinds of short-films (max 45 mins long) even students’ first attempt of creating film, low budget films and students’ graduation projects. For the young students having this kind of support in the beginning of their journey can be the ultimate short-cut to their destination. It is truly a life changing experience that is held annually at El-Sawy culturewheel. 




Agazty Summer Camp:

A cultural summer camp for children from the ages of 6 to 12 years old, the children come to explore their creativity and thoughts. They are only expected to unlimitedly unleash their creativity through art with a group of supervisors that are not there to restrict their thoughts however they are there to make sure no child is judged or misbehaved. We believe that talent can be hidden and sometimes people need help such as confidence, freedom, communication, observation and/or many other triggers to find it. In this annual festival we witness a dramatic change in children’s confidence. 




Stand-up Cup:

At El-Sawy culturewheel all talents are appreciated, we know how challenging it is for performers to stand literally under the spotlight and start to make audience laugh. We are proud to be hosting, starting this year 2017, the Stand-up cup annually. If you are looking for a hilarious family friendly stand-up comedy show, you are in the right place. 




Form a band:

Usually the numbers of events, the number of attendees per night or the average number of concerts during a specific month, season or year measure the success of live performances. You may also count the amount of tickets sold, however El-Sawy culture-wheel not only accommodates all the usual methods of measurements it also tries to support the diversity of music genres. El Sakia believes that by involving the promising talents, the music ground gets enlarged.