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Workshops and Courses

May 2022

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STG Band

Starts From : 100 LE

- ElNahr L

STG band at El Sawy Culturewheel....

El Hadra

Starts From : 110 LE

- ElNahr L

A Pure Spiritual mood you will live with El Hadra....

Pappillon band

Starts From : 60 LE

- Wisdom MMax

Pappillon band at El Sawy culturewheel....

El Mawlawia El Masria - Amir El Tony

Starts From : 70 LE

- River L

Amer Eltoni and his Egyptian Mawlawey will take you through a journey in the Sufi singing oceans and the original Egyptian heritage with musical rhythms suitable for the spiritu...

Omar Abdelaziz

Starts From : 0 LE

- Kelma


Dina El Masry

Starts From : 70 LE

- River L

For the first time at El Sawy Culturewheel Dina El Masry music concert....

Nevine Allouba Academy

Starts From : 70 LE

- Wisdom MMax

Nevine Allouba Academy at El Sawy Culturewheel...

Abd El Moniem El sawy
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